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Summer Volunteer And Travel Adventure (4 Weeks)

Want to make a grand difference in the world?
Seeking affordable summer volunteer and travel opportunities?

Join our unique 4-week summer volunteer and travel Adventure that combines
volunteering, culture immersion, language studies, travel, and exploration.
This is a great way to do it all!

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Summer Volunteer And Travel Adventure (4 Weeks)

Do you want to do something meaningful and rewarding this summer? Do you want to share your love and compassion with others while travelling and exploring a new country? Then one of Boundless Love’s summer volunteer and adventure programs might be a perfect fit for you.

Boundless Love’s summer volunteer and adventure programs are a specially designed 4-week volunteering and travel adventure. In this program, you will work as a volunteer in service projects, become immersed in a local culture, stay with a host family, and explore the villages and major touristic and historical places of the host country. You will surely return home with memories that will last lifetime. The journey is a perfect balance of volunteering, cultural immersion, and travel.

We are currently, we are offering summer volunteer and travel program in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi. If you are searching for something meaningful to do with your summer, how about join us and make a difference in your life and in the lives of other? You will surely have the experience of a lifetime!

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Summer Volunteer And Travel Destinations

Summer – Kenya

Work in an orphanage or safari into the wildlife haven when on a summer escape package to magnificent Kenya.


Summer – Uganda

Spend your summer in the pearl of the Indian ocean in a meaningful and rewarding summer volunteering package in Uganda.


Summer – Tanzania

This summer, escape to mesmerizing Tanzania and feel the power and grace of Mt. Kilimanjaro.


Summer – Burundi

The jewel of Africa, offers an exciting volunteering package, where you do something good and experience in Burundi.

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